Friday, July 24, 2015

Birding with My Canon

Canon Powershot SX50 HS

Over the past several years being a backyard birder, I didn't think I would want a camera other than the one on my phone (Samsung) or my old Canon point and shoot.  Needless to say, but some of (okay, most of) the backyard photos I did take of the birds are not pleasing to the eye.  Plus I didn't know where my love of birds was going to take me, so what I had at the time was good enough for me.

Time goes by, my love of birds grew (and continues), hubby fell in love with birds, we started going on our own birding adventures and decided a good camera would be a good investment.  Not only would we then have photos of the birds that we saw, but would help with identification as well, along with taking notes in our field journal. 

So the research began on what camera would be best for our birding in nature adventures.  We both enjoy taking photos (via point and shoot and our phones), neither one of us are professional photographers (obviously), it needed to be within our budget (until I win the lotto), a DSLR was out of the question (at this time anyway) and we wanted something more than just a P&S.  That led us to the camera that we bought at the end of May.

The Canon Powershot SX50 HS is considered a bridge camera.  It does much more than a standard P&S, but not as much as a DSLR.  For me, this was the perfect choice. 

I've been teaching myself all about this camera, its functions, photography... let me just say here that I've been doing so much reading and learning that my brain hurts - but I'm loving it!  Anyway, I want to get out of using auto mode completely (barely using that now as I'm loving AV mode) and I'm slowly getting there.  Oh and the zoom on this camera is absolutely amazing! 

Even though I'm still learning this camera and have much to learn about photography, I share my amateur photos on my FlickrInstagram and Twitter accounts, and now here too.

I'd Rather Be Birding

I honestly do not mind constructive advise or any type of info regarding my not so perfect photos. 

Peace and happy birding!

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