About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!  Sometimes I can ramble on, so I'll try to make this short and sweet (Mark laughs hysterically in background).    
Rocki (me) in one of my favorite spots
Besides being a very proud mom to my grown up sons (one lives in Portland and the other in Washington) and married to my very best friend, who is the love of my life and soulmate, I'm many things all rolled up into one.  Professionally, I'm an artisan and work from my home studio creating metalwork jewelry and findings.  I'm a birder & nature lover and enjoy taking photos of birds and other wildlife with my bridge camera: Canon Powershot SX50 HS. I volunteer at a rescue & rehabilitation facility for wild and exotic birds.  I'm a melanoma and breast cancer survivor (will be 4 years cancer free in August 2016).  I create raw vegan recipes and love my peaceful life.  Basically, I'm just a simple gal who enjoys living life outside of the box.

My handsome hubby
Mark is an accountant, a proud Navy veteran and a self-proclaimed nerd/geek.  He loves his coffee, computers, PC gaming and all that nerdy stuff.  We both used to ride motorcycles and his big ol bike was awesomely loud (mine was too, but not THAT loud).  People used to do a double take at him when they found out he was an accountant.  Mark is honestly a very likable guy, is dedicated and respectful (I could go on, but...).  He lovingly teased me for years when I was a backyard birder, then he got bit hard by the love bug when he saw and heard a Red-winged Blackbird for the first time at the Hassayampa River Preserve.  From then on, he joined in the "I'm a birder!" club.

Bird Nerds - Love Birds
Combined, we make the perfect team - a little bit silly, peaceful, casual, love nature, hiking, the ocean (we live in the desert), tattoos, movies, sci-fi, adventures and most of all - birding.  We do everything together.  Since becoming birders (I was a "backyard birder" for several years prior) we have purchased better binoculars and other necessary gear.  Our bird library is growing so fast I think we need a room just for all of our books.  We read daily as it not only helps us to become better birders, but because we truly enjoy it. 
So in a nutshell (Mark is still laughing) we're lovebirds in love with birding.  I hope you enjoy my blog that is still a work in progess.  I'll be posting about birding, which will also include pictures that I take of birds from our backyard to our birding adventures, plus nature in general... and may include a couple of tattooed bird nerds.   
Peace and happy birding!