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Birding Gives Me Wings!

Are you interested in becoming a birder?  Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or an experienced birder, you can never have enough information... and I still have a lot to learn.  That's one reason I love the birding community - they are so friendly and eager to share their knowledge!  So I would like to share a variety of information that I feel is very useful and/or enjoyable.  I'll update this page as I can and when learning of more information.

National Audubon Society -
American Birding Association
eBird -
All About Birds -
Cornell Lab of Ornithology (also in above link)
Bird Watchers Digest -
Merlin phone app
BirdCast -

If you're in Arizona or visiting:
Sonoran Audubon Society
Maricopa Audubon Society
Birding in Maricopa County -

The Sibley Guide to Bird Life & Behavior (excellent)
The Sibley Guide to Birds - Second Edition (my favorite)
Sibley's Birding Basics
National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America
National Geographic Birding Essentials
Birds of Arizona Field guide by Stan Tekiela
Field Guide to Birds: Arizona & New Mexico

Movies & Documentaries
The Life of Birds by David Attenborough (excellent documentary!)
Birders - The Central Park Effect (documentary)
The Big Year (a fun and entertaining movie)

I maintain a few birding journals: book form, excel (hubby and I created our own) and eBird.  I'm finding that the more I bird, the more I want to record different statistics.  It's all a learning experience.

Birding Books and Journal