Birding Hotspots

I will continue to add locations and/or links to birding hotspot here in Arizona.  These will include places we've already been to, our favorite spots, and places we plan on adventuring to.  There are a ton of hotspots right here in our own backyard in Arizona - more than I ever imagined.

Glendale Recharge Ponds - Glendale, Arizona
Love this location (but not during summer - way too hot as there is no coverage).  There are a variety of shorebirds, gulls, waterfowl, raptors, songbirds and even rarities.  We've seen the Bald Eagle there many times!

Gilbert Riparian Preserve Water Ranch - Gilbert, Arizona
A wonderful hotspot with several nice trails.  There are 7 good size ponds and a small "lake" which is the only area they allow fishing at.    

Hassayampa River Preserve - Wickenburg, Arizona
This lush preserve is a wonderful birding spot.  Even if you're not into birds, the trails alone make it a great place to walk/hike (several easy trails) and to have a picnic lunch.

Prescott, Arizona
When we can, we head up to Prescott during the summer months to bird as it's just too darn hot during our summer months.  There are many great birding locations in Prescot, but here are the ones we've been to so far:
Wilson's Lake, Watson Lake, Lynx Lake, Highland Center for Natural History,