Thursday, October 15, 2015

Anna's Hummingbird - Sarg

Anna's Hummingbird - Sarg

I have a ton more photos of the birds we've seen lately at the Glendale Recharge Ponds, but I want to share a couple (of the hundred or so) that I have of this adorable guy.  We call him Sarg - he's the territorial male Anna's Hummingbird that lives in our backyard.

Sarg, like other hummers, is very territorial and has claimed all five of the feeders along the back patio as his own private diner.  He chases off any other hummer that visits and on occasion there have been little duels.  At first it was rather humorous, but then I got concerned for the others.  However, after reading more about hummingbirds I found out that's how they are.  Once they have a consistent food source, they stake their claim.  Also around breeding season their like that. 

Sarg is always on the lookout - Anna's Hummingbird

So I thought I would outsmart him.  Last weekend Mark and I bought another feed and pole and put it on the other side of the house in front of my studio window, near the Texas Ebony tree where the Costa's Hummingbird has been hanging out.  I stayed out back to see what would happen.  Well, the sweet tiny Costa's hummer had his own private diner for about, oh, five minutes and then I'll be darn!  That little stinker Sarg hovered over the house, spotted the new feeder and dove over there.  He cracks me up!

And on a side note, these are two of my best photos so far.  Yes, I'm still working hard on my photographer skills... but I really love these shots!

Peace and happy birding!

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